How to download source code ?

You can download and view source code from github :

Also to get the latest source code, run following command:

# git clone

How to install git on system

Install Git with apt-get in one command on debian :

# apt-get install git-core

Install Git with yum in one command on centos :

# yum install git

How to check dependencies on system ?

In the first step, set execute permission for :

# cd loep
# chmod +x

Then, check dependencies, using -c switch :

# ./install -c

How to install dependencies on debian ?

By using apt-get command; for example :

# apt-get install sysstat
# apt-get install bc
# apt-get install curl

How to install dependencies on centos ?

By using yum command; for example :

# yum install sysstat
# yum install bc
# yum install curl
# yum install expr

How to install loep ?

By using -i switch :

# ./ -i

How to configuration loep ?

There are 3 files of config existing in program's directory.

general.conf : For changing delay time in html pages, Changing number of lines read in logs and also changing web server's directory address. For example :

Please pay attention that, the form of config file does not change.

interface.conf : For monitoring bandwitch teraffic, Insert interfaces inside this file, For example :

heartbeat.conf : For uptime monitoring in other servers or devices, Insert ip addresses in this file, For example :

How to update loep ?

Remove program and download new version and then install.

How to uninstall loep ?

First step, Remove program's directory :

# rm -rf /opt/loep_v1.0/

Next step, Remove program's html pages from webserver. for example we remove loep directory from webserver :

# rm -rf /var/www/html/loep/

At last, remove scripts from crontab file :

# nano /etc/crontab